Sometimes things just need to be broke

I often find myself in situations where I want to fix it and I did not break it. I have always thought myself to make things right. I do not like to see people who are hurting. Recently, I have found myself in situations where I cannot fix and make it better.

I have someone that are experiencing a tragedy in their lives. I am learning so much in this process. I am normally flying in like SuperWoman to save the day. But what I am learning is there is a time when things just need to be broke. When I am needed, they will reach out. I am learning to identify my feelings and emotions. But more about that later!

So I am realizing that I am becoming a different me! Every year we are supposed to grow and change. Become more mature, if you will. So this is going to be interesting. I can not promise to post everyday but I will try!

*sigh* One post down …. several more to go!