Quiet Places

I have learned that it is hard to think effectively if there are  a lot of other things going on. I used to be able to work though and be unphased. But some where down the line of my life, it changed.

If I am working on something, I can’t have side conversations happening. It is like there is a part of me that wants to go and close all the doors and place in headphones and zone out.

I tend to do that. I get so much done. But that is not productive in a work environment where you are the go to person. So are there days when I grin and bear it? Yes!

I have found that there are times when in my personal life I have a lot of clutter and things that make more noise then they need too. I try to have a small circle of people that I really deal with. I find it becoming smaller and smaller. I pray for the Lord not to seclude the wrong people but I can’t have emptiness and sadness over people and events.  I know I will have to revisit this topic another time but I just know that it takes a lot for me to cut people and situations off.

That is why I do careful consideration before I do. Once I cut that switch off, it takes the grace of God (literally) to move for me to reconnect.


One thought on “Quiet Places”

  1. Be still and no that I am God…a verse I love! Quiet places, with you just listening and expecting. It’s no better place to be. Most people are too consumed by the hustle and bustle and miss the mark. Glad you are focusing on this area, for it’s an important one. Stay blessed!

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