Made for Community Goals

I always want to make the goal about completing the study and not getting distracted! But I feel like I am already setting myself up for failure. So I took a different route! I decided on the following three
1. I want to learn how to better improve my community
2. I want to learn how to better myself in order to give more to my community
3. I want the Lord to be a guiding light for me!

So Let’s me start sharing!


Made for Community… An LGG OBS

I have always have a passion for studying anything. But there is something about digging deeper in to the Bible. I discovered Online Bible Studies (OBS) last year when my church cancelled our Wednesday Night Bible study due to the threat of Winter Weather. I have two that I love! One has started and then other starts in a couple of weeks! I need a way or outlet to ensure that I am doing these studies as I am supposed! So I am going to start posting my SOAPs here! I want to be made for God’s community!