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When a change is needed

Have you ever found yourself stalling or just felt like you were going in circles? I have recently realized that I felt that way. I felt that way about all areas of my life. I tried to adjust things myself. I started creating to do lists and things that I accomplished at work. I started hanging out and communicating with friends more. I still felt like I was sleep walking through my life. I then started vocalizing issues more. I am one that is a proactive forward looking person. I cannot function in situations where there is an examination of what went wrong, who’s to blame and why we are blaming. I believe in let’s examine what went wrong and how are we going to fix it going forward.

It was at that point that I had a huge realization. I feel like this is where I give you a back story.  I love going to church. I was never given the choice not to go. I don’t want to say that I was drug but being the only girl and the youngest, wherever Mom and Dad went I went. So I learned that you should always be glad in going to church to serve the Lord. When I was young, my church had a youth bible study. I was excited because I got a Precious Moments bible. It was blue and I still have it.

Presently, the church that I am attending does not have the same Kingdom building attitude it did when I was younger. In my self-evaluations I came to the conclusion that I missed attending bible study. I still went to church on Sundays. I even attended Sunday school. I did my devotions, on line bible studies. But I was missing my midweek bible study. I normally called them my Jesus, I am in need of a refill situations. When this happened the year before, I had found a different church. I absolutely loved the environment and the pastor. I enjoyed his style of teaching. So when my church restarted the bible study. I had already finished the book of Isaiah and was more interested in studying 1 Peter.

Okay fast forwarding to now, Bible study was cancelled in November of last year. I struggled with the previous issue because I did not want to go through finding another church and get involved only to turn around and have to stop or worst be conflicted about my choice. So I prayed about it and a co-worker told me of her church. It has two locations. The amazing thing is they do a Tuesday night bible study and they also provided a dinner.

So when my church starts their bible study, I will not be convicted about continuing or stopping. I believe that sometimes the Lord will place you where you can most benefit!